The amazing V Stitch

Crochet bloggers are a very inspiring group of people! I think they must all either have full time staff to keep their tasteful homes clean and tidy,or be born with six pairs of hands to keep up to date designing, crocheting, photographing and blogging about their work.

One of my favourites is The Patchwork Heart. I discovered her first on Facebook  and love her ideas, her style and the clarity of her pattern writing.

Yesterday feeling in the mood for a challenge I decided to learn a few new stitches so headed to her blog. Who could resist a peek at “the amazing v stitch”? 

Having read through the pattern carefully, using cotton yarn and a 4.5 hook I produced this 


I love this stitch. As she says a blanket makes up very quickly. Long time readers of my blog may remember my attempt at a sampler stitch blanket which went horribly wrong. I had unravelled most of it and put it away in a dark corner. This stitch is perfect for the bags of quite expensive baby merino Drops yarn!

Last night, using 3.5 mm hook and 60 chains across I produced this much in about an hour 


There will be many many ends to be sewn in when this is done! Yuk. 

But if you are looking for the easy kind of stitch to make while you watch a film on your dust free TV in your perfectly tidy home, eating a home baked cake, wrapped in a blanket you’ve stitched yourself while your domestic staff pass you freshly peeled grapes then go for it!

And if you have a moment over the weekend please do go check out This wonderful inspiring blog.


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