not many people come home from holidays very excited about the yarn they have purchased! But I suspect you dear reader, like me, often spend time on holidays checking out craft and yarn shops in other countries!  I’back from three wonderful days in Venice, Italy with my husband celebrating 25 amazing years of marriage. We […]

The amazing V Stitch

Crochet bloggers are a very inspiring group of people! I think they must all either have full time staff to keep their tasteful homes clean and tidy,or be born with six pairs of hands to keep up to date designing, crocheting, photographing and blogging about their work. One of my favourites is The Patchwork Heart. I […]

A Cute Little Tin

within ten minutes this little mint tin –   Was transformed into this crochet marker tin –    Lidls (lower budget supermarket) were selling sheets of washi paper, which usually comes in tape form. It is self adhesive so was like decoupatch but without the glue. I won’t lie, it was fiddly to work with, curling […]

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