Paintbox Tea Cosy


This is my very well used white ceramic tea pot. It’s great. It doesn’t dribble and holds about 6 cups.

Since having a go at making a tea cosy a few months ago in a post   Time for Tea I was keen to make one for myself. Using the super wash paintbox yarn again, this time in the colour of “tropical seas” to match my mugs, I set aside an evening, started from the bottom in double stitch measuring as I went. You need to make sure the teapot is empty and cold as you will be twisting and turning it to make sure your rows of stitching are fitting perfectly to the pot itself. 

I won’t lie, it was tricky. The previous teapot had straight sides. This is a lovely round tea pot and so there was a great deal of increasing and then decreasing, mostly working in the round but leaving a hold for the spout and a large space for the handle. (One side does fit better than the other, oops). This time I managed to make the whole thing in one piece, whereas first time around I made the lid or top of the cosy and then attached it on. 

It is held on tightly with a bow above the handle, but this wasn’t really necessary. And of course the Pom Pom maker was out once again for a very satisfying huge pompom on the top!  All in all this took probably 2-3 hours max and was challenging but I’m very pleased with the result.

I know the yarn is expensive, but it is washable, and there was enough  to make a mat. I made a mat but I’m not pleased with it so when I’ve made one to my satisfaction I will post photos.

For now, here is the tea pot in its nice new jumper. 



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