A  New Style of Cotton Bag

Last summer I made many cotton market bags to be sold at a craft fair, none of which were actually bought! I still have a great deal of cotton yarn in my stash so watching Netflix and having empty hands and a willing heart to try something new  I launched into a bag pattern from my Doring Kindersley book and being me tweaked it to suit my mood and my needs.

It starts easy with a rectangular base in double crochet, then working in the round to make the sides. I just love these colours, I think they are navy, kiwi and cream. (Very popular colours in my wardrobe) This is to be a yarn holding bag so I was keen to make it shut (if not dog proof then at least dog deterrent) , so crocheted a button band, added handles and gave it a sweet spotted green lining. Mixing sewing and crochet is a first here!  I even added a pocket! 

       As I am such a loose crocheter this has turned out quite big and floppy so I improvised the top by reducing the number of stitches quite dramatically. Not quite the finish I had planned but it is done and I have moved on to other things.


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