Edward’s Menagerie

At last I’ve finally made a lovely bunny from this super book of crochet animals. Edward’s Menagerie is written by Lucy Toft and her designs are of cute long limbed animals ideally to be stitched from alpaca yarn from the Toft farm itself. I bought this book very shortly after learning to crochet and realised this was not for beginners. Thankfully now I have mastered the magic circle and made a few amigurumi toys I felt confident to being out the alpaca a wool I bought last September and this bunny is the result. 

I’m not entirely satisfied. The legs and ears are a little twisted. Should I block them? And such a sad face. This bunny needs either a tutu or a bow tie. I can’t decide if it is a boy or girl bunny either. I had sewn a different nose but my children preferred this X nose.

Since I made this bunny over Easter I have made a black and white cat, an elephant and another bunny. I’m also in the middle of a pink and orange cat in much finer yarn which is turning out very very tiny and fiddly.

Photos of all my new arrivals will follow soon.

Alpaca wool is very lovely and soft to work with. I used a 3.5 mm hook.

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