Joining the Magic Circle

Joining the magic circle doesn’t mean that I have filled the vacancy sadly left by the passing of Paul Daniels. No, I’ve finally learnt how to begin crochet using the magic circle method.  But it’s so easy I hear you cry.  Not for me.  But thanks to a link on Pinterest I finally have it sussed and can get cracking on some cute amigurumi projects I’ve pinned over the years.

Firstly I made a chick for Easter  

This was super quick to make, and haven’t my hens been laying well!

Then as an Easter surprise for one of my sons I made this amigurumi Pokemon, his favourite Pikachu following a pattern I bought on Etsy.


Finally I got to bust into my stash of yarn I purchased. (Expensive impulse buy at the Hand Made craft fair) alpaca wool from Toft Farm in England. I bought the book “Edward’s Menagerie” a very long time ago but my lack of being able to use the magic circle technique hindered me from even getting started. But no more! 

The book divides its animals into three categories , the easiest category begins with Emma the Rabbit.   A sweet biography of the animal character begins the fun before the crochet even starts.  Most animals are made up of basic body parts with modifications added eg ears and tail for rabbit, fleece for sheep, horns for rhino.

I made Emma over two evenings and it was not difficult, just needed to keep counting rows, and as you are working in circle to keep a marker for the beginning to each new row.

Sewing all the bits together is straightforward. I’d like to make her a bow tie or neck piece of some kind.  Guess I’ll have to go on Pinterest to learn how to do that too. As Paul Daniels might have said “you’re never too old to learn new tricks”. Crochet or magic. New tricks open a whole new world.

   Yarn used – alpaca DK in grey, white DK for tail, black embroidery thread

Hook size – 3 mm

Bunny lightly stuffed with hollow fibre filling

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