Crochet Emojis

Thanks to Dr W who sent me this by email yesterday.  Emojis always annoy me as there are no craft related icons except for a pair of scissors, ✂️, so this selection will have to do. 

I can assure you I rarely leave a wool shop looking like this 😇
I’m just finishing off a knitted wrap which I do not like at all. The yarn is King Cole Opium Palette in Lilac wine shades. It’s 54%cotton, summer weight, and available in lots of lovely shades. When you see it in a ball it looks wonderful and random.

Lots of interesting changes of colour and texture, I had thought it would knit up equally randomly but instead there are clear bands of colours, cream ,lilac, purple, sky blue, brownish purple, it’s a bit too regular looking. I know I’m lazy doing garter stitch but the quicker this is off my needles the better. I don’t think the yarn would be improved by a fancy stitch.   I’m almost finished the length of it, then the plan is to crochet an edging and make some long tassels. I’ll have to do a search on Pinterest to work best way to make tassels.
I love to wear purple in the summer, hopefully a plain dress or tee will bring this   to life and I can enjoy it a bit better.  I can’t wait to get it finished and away so I can start in some amigurumi patterns I bought on Etsy this week. 

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