Antique Rose Granny Square Baby Blanket

Last weekend I discovered the most fabulous well stocked yarn store, The Wool Shop, in Newcastle Conty Down. There was a great range of all colours, manufactures, styles and price range. There are sofas at the back of the shop – a crèche for men who venture across the threshold.

It was all very tempting! Having just gifted a pink and white granny square baby blanket to a sweet New Year baby, some Stylecraft Special DK yarn in cream, pale rose, meadow, soft peach and stone found its way into my shopping bag.

So a week on I am very pleased with the finished blanket in granny square pattern. The soft colours are warm and give an antique feel and will be very pretty for the next baby girl to be born amongst my family and acquaintances. 

I invented my own edging, I’m calling it “Open Shell”. I crocheted two chains followed by a double crochet around the blanket, then the second row was a (treble, two chains)x4 into a 2ch space, followed by a double into the next ch space, following this pattern all around the blanket. I’m so pleased with this, the finished effect is a gentle airy scallop. 



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