Nothing Plain about these Granny Squares

Another of my son’s “bottom drawer blankets” has been completed. On 1st January I thought I had maybe a week’s work to finish off, it actually took 17 days to block each of the 70 squares, choose the layout, join squares together, and crochet 6 rows of edging. And then the arduous task of sewing in all the loose ends. The most tedious job ever.

The plain granny square works wonderfully with these colours. The stitch pattern is dense, masculine, geometric and suits these 1960/1970’s colour choices. Every square has its sixth row made of mid grey so joining up was crocheting across each row in single crochets on the reverse. It brings everything together in a harmonious way. I’m delighted with this blanket.  Each square looks so different to the next and I tried very hard to have no two squares similar sitting beside each other. I can’t decide which square is my favourite colour combination.  At the end  just to mix things up I completed a square in each colour and these have turned out just as effective as the combination squares. The edge stitches are a mix of half trebles and doubles (UK) depending on how much yarn was left in each colour. 

Now I just have to decide which son this blanket should belong to.

Made up in Stylecraft Special DK in colours spice, parchment, meadow, petrol, silver, lime, storm, blue, mocha, denim and graphite. The palette and pattern were first put together by my virtual crochet pal The Patchwork Heart and the. Ollie pack is available to purchase online at

This was a big project and should not be undertaken lightly. I have however enjoyed some great drama on tv while finishing it off, including the Agatha Christie mystery “And then there were none”, the final ever “Downton Abbey”, the movie “A little Chaos” – little was I to know that it’s director and star Alan Rickman was to die a few days later, “the Choir” with Dustin Hoffman…..its been very damp and dark this January, with long cold evenings and cuddling up under this  beautiful blanket has been a real joy. 



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