Made this Myself I did

Today as been wet grey and yuk. It’s post Christmas, post New Year and we are all a little tired. Some time ago I purchased a book called “Star Wars crochet” by Lucy Collin which turned out to be a book, and a kit, complete with hook, yarn and safety eyes, and after being wowed at the cinema over the holidays going to see the new Star Wars movie, today I gave myself permission to sit down and have a crack at yoda making. 

With a little help from the dog, who was so cold that when I got up to put the kettle on he jumped onto my seat.  

I’ve never tried amigurumi crochet before , it is fiddly but makes up very quickly as it is so very tiny. And cute.

My Pinterest amigurumi board has literally exploded after completing this wee project.  

Imagine having a crochet hook as a light sabre! 

Chuffed I am with this one. He is posing in front of my very own brand new yarn bowl which was a very surprise gift and which I am terrified of breaking. I will blog about that soon I hope. 

May the force be with you until then, my friends.


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