100 Crocheted Snowflakes. Well almost.

I will be very honest from the outset and say my copy of “100 Crocheted Snowflakes – make your own snowdrift” by Caitlin Sainio probably arrived by post towards the end of April.I had big plans back then to have made 100 different snowflakes to hang on the Christmas Tree by early December. However that annoying thing called life got in the way and by mid December I finally opened the book  to discover I needed a very small fine hook (3mm) and crochet thread to complete even one snowflake. My heart just about melted. 

So added to my long long list of food , gifts, wrapping paper, and household chores I searched yarn shops near and far for crochet thread.  It’s not easy to find. In fact I ordered some on Amazon which must be coming from outer space because three weeks on it has yet to arrive. 

 In the meantime I did find some, and what a joy to make up these little treasures. All different. In the end I made 12, one for each person round the table on Christmas Day. I had big plans to send them home as wee gifts, but most unlike me I kept them and hung them on my new twig tree where they looked most elegant. As you progress through the book the patterns get more complicated.  The last one I did was  number 49.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am not one for fine lacy designs, more of a chunky robust colourful practical crochet girl, but these were enchanting to make up. Crochet thread is actually almost as fine a cotton thread for sewing, and the hook is fine enough it looks like it could snap at any moment.  I found the patterns very clear to follow, with good word patterns and picture patterns which in the circumstances are very helpful. You need to count like crazy, but in the madness of December this was a good way to sit down and switch your brain to something else entirely even for an hour or forty minutes per flake. I sprayed them with starch, which wasn’t quite stiff enough, but my fabric stiffening paint had been tidied away so it was the best I could do for now and I was keen to get them hanging. I’m. It sure why I only took photos of 7 but they have all been packed away so you’ll have to hold on to next winter to see the rest. 

I finished the last one late on Christmas Eve, just in time to put out Santa’s cookies.

When my Amazon thread arrives from Venus I plan to make the remaining 88 designs in time for next Christmas.

Yeah right. 


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