not many people come home from holidays very excited about the yarn they have purchased! But I suspect you dear reader, like me, often spend time on holidays checking out craft and yarn shops in other countries! 

I’back from three wonderful days in Venice, Italy with my husband celebrating 25 amazing years of marriage. We decided to throw away the map and just get lost wandering the narrow streets, crossing sweet twisty bridges, turning corner after corner and spotting romantic canals with gondolas serenely gliding through the water.

And in the midst of all this romance I stumbled upon a fabulous wool shop. Lellabella is run by a mother and daughter. Like most shops in Venice its small, but full to the brim with gorgeous yarns and woollen garments, and with beautiful shop windows which drew me, and the husband with the money, inside.  

I’m a real Autumn person, loving both the season itself but suit wearing the colours. This super chunky Katia Look yarn in pink, orange, purple, yellow and brown is very me. I was advised to buy two balls and she was right. I would have been eternally frustrated to only have enough yarn to make half of anything.

I made a cowl inside the time it took to watch the very first episode of the very last season of Downton Abbey, advertisements included! 

It is very chunky and I hope will soften a little when I wear it round my neck.

We’ve had a fantastic Indian Summer the past few weeks. Not just the time or temperature for cowls and gloves, but I suspect it’s only round the corner!

This is a photo of the Lella Bella shop window displaying the very yarn that I bought, and also the same yarn in gorgeous purples and pinks. I can’t believe I showed enough restraint not to buy that colour too!

I did however purchase some lace weight purple yarn which is dyed and made exclusively for Lella Bella and is sitting calling to me from my yarn stash as another memory from our wonderful anniversary trip.


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