Summer Project – more awesome amazing V stitch loveliness

It’s been much too quiet. Mostly due to issues with WordPress (this blog hosting site) and not being able to publish any photos. Because crochet, as with most crafts, is a very visual thing. I’m hoping that I’ve resolved these issues without the aid of my technical advisor (17 year old son) who has been in Uganda for two weeks.

On 12 th July on holiday I began the Amazing V Stitch double bed rug for my oldest son who just turned 22, and I’m sure will plan to leave home eventually. Just not yet please! Falling in love with the amazing v stitch pattern and the colours provided in the yarn pack from Deramores I was delighted when he himself picked this pattern and these colours. I couldn’t wait for the postman to struggle up to our door with a large parcel of rainbow delights.

I lugged a mahoosive bag of yarn on two holidays – County Donegal and Isle of Skye Scotland.  Thankfully we were driving not flying or I would not have been able to bring any clothes at all, there was so much yarn – 17 awesome bright 100g balls of yumminess.

this is meant to be a random selection of colours. I discovered quickly that random with 17 colours is not that easy. After selecting balls at random from the yarn bag, I then had to plan a few rows ahead. One day I put them in rainbow order. As we sailed across the Irish Sea I used blues and greens. I experimented by crocheting shades together, then worked with warm and cool tones . In a fit of ingenuity I stitched them in alphabetical order – from aspen green to wisteria. There were many pinks and purples in this yarn selection So I tried hard not to make it too feminine. My gut feeling is this will ultimately be determined by the edging pattern which I am experimenting with and also the colour of the edging.

here are some stage by stage photos.  I’m on the edging now after 140 rows of 300 stitches per row. Using 3.5 mm hook, which I will tell you about in another blog post.

So excited to see it finished but dreading sewing in a lot of ends!

Starting at the very beginning

Starting at the very beginning

We met Flossie at an Air BnB near Loch Lomond. She loved it!

We met Flossie at an Air BnB near Loch Lomond. She loved it!


It’s hard to keep things “random” I discovered!


Some of the 140 ends needing to be sewn in


Finally starting the edging. The end is in sight


It may not be finished but the dog loves it already



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