Sew Easy Pin Cushions

My mother recently had her Frister Rossmann sewing machine refurbished and kindly gave it to me. (Bought in 1978. I remember because the treadle Singer sewing machine became mine!)  Now that I have worked out how to get it to sew in a straight line (you may recall the bunting made entirely in zig zag stitch) I have delved into my fabric pile and got sewing today! See “Bunting Crazy” blog post back in April.

One of my Pinterest boards is “Pin Cushions”. I adore pincushions, and they are an essential piece of kit when doing most crafts. To start with I made one to fix to the body of the sewing machine. 


I have had this awesome fabric for about three years and had in mind to make a sewing machine cover with pockets for scissors etc but I realise today I just don’t have enough material for such a project. I do hope I find this fabric again as I would love some more. 

So I measured the area below the machine cogs and above the plate and cut two rectangles, sewed them together – remembering to affix the ribbon, stuffed including a small rectangular piece of pot scrubber (a wee tip to keep pins sharp), attached a cute scissors charm, sewed up the stuffing hole, and we were done. 


I sewed on the ribbon all in one piece then cut in two at the middle. At the rear of the machine the pin cushion is secured with a large bow. Now on Pinterest it looks like these type of cushions are fixed on with elastic. I didn’t have any elastic handy and also I wondered about how to get it stretched over the whole of the machine to get it in place.  Also it means I can remove it easily and tie it round my wrist if I needed a pin cushion about my person during a project! I’ve seen cute ring pin cushions but knowing me I’d stab my own hand and get blood all over the fabric! 

Anyway I’m just delighted with this pin cushion. It took about 20 minutes to complete and as you can see is already put to good use. I really wish I had bought ribbon that looks like a measuring tape. I think that would look fabulous used to tie a pin cushion like this onto a sewing machine. I’m glad I found the wee charm in my stash as well!


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