Sew Easy Pin Cushions Two

Being an urban hen keeper I’m always on the look out for hen related items of cuteness. On my Pinterest Pin Cushion board there was a pattern to make a hen pin cushion. It was easy enough to follow the instructions and for once it actually turned out well.  Except it is much too cute to stick pins into! 


I cut two 18 cm squares of fabric. They are meant to be contrasting but this 1960’s inspired fabric is from my stash, screaming to be used.

Please note my new fabric scissors for cutting fabric ONLY, not card or sticky tape or frozen vegetable packets etc.

Right sides together. Fold on the diagonal to find the middle. Sew a seam either side of the fold. If like me you can do straight stitch but not in a straight line, it doesn’t matter!

 then using your super sharp fabric scissors, cut up the middle fold.

When you open out the fabric, you will have two squares again, this time with contrasting fabric triangles. 

 using felt cut a beak and a comb, pin to one square top left. 

 again with fabric wrong side out join three sides, top, front and bottom, leaving a raw edge for stuffing on the fourth side.

Turn fabric right side out again. Your comb and beak should look good! Add eyes. 

 now flatten the fabric out into a “house shape”. This should make the comb in the  top middle of the fabric – see photo below-


At this stage I added ribbons for a tail, pinning to the middle of the raw edge. The Pinner on Pinterest used triangles of felt. I had pretty ribbon in the right colours and was in the mood to use it up. 

Stuff your hen, not with breadcrumbs and parsley, but with craft stuffing or if you plan to use as a paper weight or door stop, something weightier like rice or lentils. I would suggest you sew them into a bag before hand.

Incorporating the tail feathers (ribbons) turn the raw edges in slightly and sew a good strong seam to close the hen.

I love this hen, I think I will make a smaller one too. This patch work style fabric has turned out very well. Please indulge me as I show you a few photos of the finished item. 



sitting proudly amidst the glue and the Promarkers!



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