Boodles  Basket

Storage very much on my mind these days. I hadn’t planned a make a toilet roll holder but this is what it ended up as! 

Using Boodle Yarn, which is like the Zpaghetti yarn I used before, it is made from fabric offcuts.Highly ethical, super chunky, makes up very quickly. But boy was my hand killing me after a few hours of holding a 10mm hook and working with this thick stretchy fabric after working with merino lace on a 3.5 hook just before.

Firstly I made the base circle in black 


I deliberately included my shoes in this shot to give some idea of the size of this project. 


After several rows the White yarn was running short so I quickly made handle either side. At this stage I realised I wasn’t getting the strong structured sides I was hoping for. It was all quite floppy. I topped it off with a taupe double stitch trim to coordinate with my bathroom.

This is the basket from above, empty.

  And here it is full- six in total. Hopefully no one will ever be caught out,

Here are a few more shots 


  I bought my Boodle yarn in TK Maxx, but you can buy it  here in UK


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