Tah Dah Grace Wrap!


I am so thrilled to have finished this wrap and that it has turned out just so Pretty! I recommend looking at the Berniolise patterns available to download on Etsy. 

As you can see I went for the black border and am delighted with the result, it ties in nicely with the deep border of black fabric at the hem of the dress.

Also the wrap is finished with a row of picot stitch which was new to me and not hard to learn at all.

So the top edge looks like this- 


The middle (main) part of the wrap was meant to repeat this pattern several more times, but I felt it was getting big enough, and I was running out of yarn! 

 and I found this bag in Tesco.  All I need now are shoes! 


This wrap, made using a downloaded pattern called “Grace” by Berniolise from Etsy used five balls of 4ply baby merino yarn from Yarn Stories, and just over one ball of black 4ply Drops alpaca yarn (I had it in the house already)

The pattern required three sizes of crochet hook – 3.5, 4 and 4.5


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