A Graceful Update


Day 4 – “Grace” has just completed her first set of scallop pattern rows. These have to be completed another six times before the bottom edge of the wrap pattern is started. This photo does not do justice to the soft blue shade of the yarn.

What you are looking at here is the inverse of the pattern – two bands of edging pattern, then one scallop band. This is the “top” side of the finished wrap. 

This wrap is a challenge, but I’m delighted with the results and my progress so far. 

My major concern is that I’m onto my fourth ball of yarn.  The pattern estimated five balls altogether. Already the yarn has cost more than the dress it is to enhance. If I can find it I may make up the lower edge in black yarn (black baby merino 4 ply – who knits black baby outfits?) for a contrast. The dress itself is trimmed with quite a broad band of black fabric. I will need to buy the same amount of yarn again I think! 

Having said all this, and I’m sure all you yarn addicts out there will agree, I will have a personal, unique, very beautiful wrap when I am finished. Which no one else will have. And a smug smile on my face too šŸ˜œ

Once again I recommend you look at the Berniolise patterns on Etsy. I’m enjoying this so much, a lot to do with the clarity of the pattern, and also this lovely soft Yarn Stories baby merino 4 ply with is so easy to work with.


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