Introducing Grace, my WIP

I’ve bought myself a pretty dress for some upcoming big events and thought I would treat myself to a crochet wrap because in this part of the world you never know what temperature it might be!  


I ordered this fine merino 4ply from Yarn Stories on line. It came very quickly, the perfect duck egg blue, very soft. It arrived with two yarn samples cards which I will show you when I find them. I hid them in a safe place of course and don’t know where they are just now.

I made a shell wrap back in January so wanted another challenge. Googling “crochet merino wraps” I came across the most delicious patterns on Etsy  by a Dutch lady who goes by the Internet name of Berniolies designs. So many gorgeous wrap patterns to choose from. In the end I went for “Grace” , paid by PayPal, and within 30 minutes the pattern had arrived by email to my iPad.  No messing around.

Apart from being written in American crochet terms (which I’ve adapted to very quickly) it is clearly written, there are some nice photos of the finished item, and very clear pattern diagrams.

After two days I’m up to row 14. This doesn’t sound like much but considering there are 333 stitches per row each row takes a fair bit of time. 

I’m enjoying working with the Yarn Stories yarn, it’s soft and doesn’t split easily. Using a 3.5 mm hook for the first time I was worried about it being too tiny to work with but I’m really enjoying it.


As you can see there are other colours in the dress, I am seriously considering making up the final border to the wrap in black rather than it being solid blue, but time will tell.  I’m about to finish the first section and move on to a more complicated pattern.

This morning I treated myself to a pedicure and toe paint, but the weather turned really cold so I cut the toes out of my thick socks and sat in the chilly sunshine, with the dog, and spent a pleasant hour drying my grape coloured toes and working on “Grace”



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