Bunting Crazy


Bunting has been on my to-do list for quite some time now. I have made birthday bunting before about 3 years ago. I wanted to make some bright summer bunting so in my new bright and sunny craft room I hauled out the long neglected sewing machine and got busy.

First I made a template for the flags.  Eight flags per fat quarter seems about right so I used the fabric size as a guide and cut a triangle template from cardboard, then drew the shape onto the reverse of the fabric and cut each one out using pinking shears. I use pinking shears to avoid fraying of the fabric. And it’s quicker than cutting out, joining each side of the flag of the reverse,  turning right side out, ironing and then starting to attach to the tape.


This pretty spotted cotton has the print on one side only so I used the fabric fold to ensure at least half of the flags were automatically double sided. This fat quarter pack came from Hobbycraft.co.uk.

In the past I have stiffed the flags at this stage using iron on stiffener. This time I didn’t bother.

There were six colours so when pinning  the flags onto the ribbon tape I made sure that colours were mixed up. I chose a yellow spotted ribbon where I would normally use white tape. There was no yellow fabric in the fat quarter pack and I was going for a bright summer look and this ribbon was very pretty. I pinned the flags to the underside of the ribbon so it can be seen running the entire length of the bunting. Previously I have attached the flags by running the tape up the middle fold of the the flags so the tape is only seen in the small gaps between flags. 

No need for a measuring tape I just use the width of two fingers to calculate the tape! Very scientific!

Then the sewing begins.  Once you get to this stage the hard work is done. Really. You may notice I used zig zag stitch. This is for the simple reason I have no idea how to do starlight stitch on this sewing machine.  I’m sure it is very straightforward (no pun intended). I will have to take time and read the manual again, but for now we are sticking with the zigzags.

All the hard work is done now. Really. Unless like me, on the very first flag you sew over a pin and break the sewing machine needle. Grrrr.  


You can get into a lovely rhythm when you have five metres of smooth ribbon to sew along. In total I think I made about 8 m of full size bunting.

Then simply clip the loose breads, give it a quick press with the iron and look proud.

Well done.
With the scraps of fabric I even made a little tiny string of bunting triangles. It was too pretty to waste.


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