Aqua Hexagons


  I went on holdays with big plans to use these gorgeous sea blue colours to make a ripple pattern rug. The plan was it would look like waves and sea foam and very summery. However I forgot to bring the pattern with me. 

Never mind. Over a ten day trip I made 25 hexagons using the Attic 24 pattern long since imprinted on my brain.  (I may occasionally call my children by the wrong name but crochet patterns seem to stick in my head.)


The aim of this rug is for the back of my sky blue mini car. I would like to finish off with straight edges. I have no idea how to do this. First of all I completed a few rows alternating single stitch and double crochet. But it isn’t working out.

Then I tried without any pattern to make half hexagons. I thought they could fit into the gaps around the edge like jigsaw pieces. 

These haven’t worked out either. 

So back to the drawing board. I’m a bit fed up looking at this for now so I’ve put it aside for some cross stitch until inspiration strikes!



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