Floral Orbs

I don’t ever like to throw craft items away, or pass by a bargain that looks like it could be used in a crafty way. Today those two worlds came together.

I’ve had a bag of slightly damaged polystyrene spheres for years and during every tidy up consider throwing them away but instead have hung onto them.

During a poke through a bargain shop looking at the “spring” items I found sheets of fabric white and yellow daisies 79p for 30. Suddenly the spheres came to mind, along with my current obsession with Pom poms! I had a lightbulb moment! Floral orb Pom Pom thingys. yay.

craft daisies meet very tatty polystyrene balls

First time I just stuck them in using their very short stems but they just fell out. I attached them with pins but wasn’t satisfied with the overall look. I do own a glue gun but usually end up covering everything in glue and nothing being stuck where I want it to be. So it was a non starter.

Using what was to hand (a ball point pen)  holes were poked into the polystyrene, flowers inserted and firmly fixed with a pin.

pins add security to the flowers

I had seven spheres, made several all white, several all yellow and then went wild and crazy (clearly I lead a very quiet life) and mixed them up. For now they look good grouped in a bowl, but  I plan to attach ribbon or string and suspend them as if they were decorated Easter eggs. 

These could last through  Spring into Summer.

 We’ve had snow this week although it’s the beginning of March but Spring is definately on its way at last. Looking forward to feeling some heat from that great orb in the sky, the sun! 

a bowl of daisies

Perhaps subconsciously I had this image in my head – a photo I took on a Parkrun at the end of summer last year.  Daisies and poppies galore.


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