Time for Tea

I have been commissioned to crochet a tea pot cosy for a  Stellar stainless steel Continental tea pot. The  beautiful purple variegated shades of this Cascade Superwash Paint yarn was very nice to work with. I had no pattern to work from. I felt my way, measuring constantly against the tea pot and adjusting accordingly. Areas to watch out for were the the spout and the handle! Obviously as well as being attractive the cosy needs to be safe to handle and function properly by keeping the tea at the right temperature.

The plan was to make it all in two pieces, a body and a lid, then join. Double crochet stitch was used throughout. The body was to fit around the whole pot, with a button loop, then divided into two sections to allow for the handle, coming together again at the top. The lid was a circle, I just kept going until it was big enough and then joined it by crocheting, then finished off by another row of crochet with gave a lip effect. 

Using my Clover pompom maker a cute pompom was added to the top. And a heart button of course.

Around the spout I improvised working from the edges in using ever decreasing circles until it was fairly close to the spout itself.

 My whole ethos was to take a relaxed approach. I wasn’t alarmed by not having a pattern. Anything I didn’t like or didn’t fit I could always rip back.  In the end I didn’t need to.

Just as with the mug cosies in a previous blog post I used the non stick matting on the inside. I find this helps the yarn grip to the tea pot and also gives a bit of insulation. I tried sewing it all the way round but it didn’t sit well so with a bit of nifty scissor action I managed to cut it into two sections and now it fits very well.

I had enough yarn to make a large mat for the tea pot and five coasters. The variegated yarn worked beautifully made into circles. This yarn was chosen to match a very particular colour scheme. All coasters were backed with the non stick matting. I hope the client will be pleased with the results.

Fancy a cup of tea anyone? We are all gathered round the TV watching the Brit Awards this cold and wet February evening.


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