Sparkly Shell Wrap

In just over two weeks time I am heading off to somewhere rather exciting that I can’t tell you about until I’m home again. But it requires some serious grown up clothes. I’m a stay at home mum so I don’t have a Power Suit or ball gown in my wardrobe. I’ve had to go shopping 😦 and buy some awesome shoes πŸ™‚ and despite my resolution not to buy any more yarn I found 8 balls of Stylecraft Stars yarn yesterday and decided what I need for this trip in the evenings is a silver sparkly wrap. There is a lovely fine metallic silver thread running through pale grey yarn with occasional tiny sequins. It really catches the light.
I am using shell mesh stitch, number 4 hook and it’s looking good. I’m hoping for quite a wide wrap that I can actually wrap myself in as it’s going to be very cold. It’s a very easy stitch with a repeating pattern of five rows, you just ned to remember which row you did last!

While hooking I’m currently watching Last Tango in Halifax (series 3) and Silent Witness. BBC iplayer is my friend. Snow is forecast and I’m all cosy in my hexagonal throw I made last autumn.
Have a good Tuesday!


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