The Crime of Craft Shopping

My youngest son and I had a trip to Oxford University to visit my second son over half term. Some pre-holiday research identified a craft mega store in the city so maps were consulted and I reckoned it was easy to locate. A pilgrimage was planned into our itinerary. Along with other more cultural things more suited to a twelve year old boy. Such as shopping, swimming, eating sushi and a tour of Oxford Castle.

Hobby Craft is a large brightly lit, well set out shop on two floors, selling craft items for a huge range of crafts and hobbies (hence the name!). Given that we were travelling with only hand luggage I had to be very very restrained with my purchases. Very restrained. It nearly killed me.
No yarn, but I did buy a barbie pink crochet hook,
I’m a keen card maker and picked up some very reasonably priced stamps, inks and paper punches.
There were beautiful fabrics, sewing machines, jigsaws, art materials, aisles and aisles of lovely yarn, decoupage, paper, kids crafts, lots of Craft for making Christmas goods. I was in heaven. My 12 yard old was not. He had walked there in the pouring rain, there was nothing to tempt him, he got bored and moochy very quickly so sadly my time was as short as the space in my luggage.
Hobby Craft does have an excellent website too.
But it’s not the same as seeing things with journey own eyes and handling them, particularly yarn and fabrics.
After our trip on a sunnier day to Oxford Castle I have a solution for Hobby Craft stores to keep reluctant children out of mischief while their mothers browse the store

My son however has a similar plan should I plan another craft shopping trip in the near future!



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