Made With Love

I’ve now completed the order for 4 market bags, and frankly if I have to make another bag in the next two months it will be too soon! I can crochet the pattern with my eyes closed, or without my reading glasses on! Counting back I think I have made 10 of these bags since the beginning of July. Recently that’s been two a week.
Pleased with the way the stripes have turned out, though still not sure about the colour choice, but the customer is always right.
Instead of knotting the yarns together (I know you are secretly horrified) I’ve been joining by looping the new yarn onto the stitch the way teacher taught me. This gives me plenty to sew into the bag pattern when it is complete and will hopefully look better, sit better and be stronger. A bag needs to be strong.
Some feedback was that when the bag is full it stretches too much so I behave reduced the number of rows by 5 to see if that makes enough of a difference.
In Dunelm Mill I found this cute antique ribbon which I am attaching to all my finished items from now on, it just adds that extra personal touch. It’s very me! My stamp on the back of my handmade cards which I had specially commissioned says “made with love just for you by…” And then my name, so this ties in with my brand image if you like.


I’m keen to get cracking on other projects, I’ve actually bought some knitting patterns too. Oops. The craft fair I’m involved in is on 8th November so not long to follow!
Also my sister in law is now officially on maternity leave, 4 weeks to baby is due. I’ve decided that I’ve so many other things to craft to wait until we know if I have a niece or a nephew, and then work like and to make something. I’ve dug out my baby hats knitting pattern which is quick and easy and I hope to share with you the pink or blue results in November sometime! So excited!!

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