Blogging 101. My new Blavatar

IMG_0225.JPGYou’v already started defining your brand when you picked a theme and title for your blog, added a header image, added widgets, and played with color and font. Now, take that a step further by choosing one of these options:

A custom Blavatar. A blavatar is an avatar for your blog. It appears in readers’ browser address bars when they visit your site (think of the yellow “a” you see in front of, or the red “N” for Netflix). Upload one — try a piece of whatever image you’ve chosen as your header, or your initials — for a custom detail that makes a difference. Head to General → Settings in your dashboard; here are all the details.
As well as crafting I’ve been following the Blogging 101 course this month in an attempt to keep my various blogs current and relevant. I hope you’ve noticed a few changes.
Today I have created a Blavatar – a blog avatar- or image – that should appear in the top left corner of my blog posts when you read them, and if I comment on your blog my Blavatar will show up. It’s not the best image but I was sitting on this rug at the time and it is my first price of crochet work so it seemed appropriate.
My hen keeping blog gillybirds has an image of a hen. No surprise there!
If you had to choose a small square image to depict your blog or even your identity what would it be?


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