Wool Warehouse.co.uk

Generally I aim to purchase my yarns from local wool shops. Sadly these are not as plentiful as they seemed to be when I was a child and my mother dragged us from one to the other!
There are two yarn shops within about 15-20 minutes drive from my house, but sometimes it is quicker and easier to go online and order. Also just now I have orders for my string bags, made from cotton yarn. With the change of season the supplies in the shops of cotton yarn are very low as this is more of a summer material.
Wool warehouse is very competitively priced and delivers really quickly. So if you take a notion to start a new project on for example a Thursday evening, place an online order, then all going well the postie will deliver your order on Saturday morning! Yay.
I have found that the images for the yarn colours are 99% accurate, and I’m sure the yarn can be returned if the colour turns out to be not quite what you expected.
Wool Warehouse also has a dedicated shop for attic 24 yarns and patterns. I have blogged before about Lucy’s fabulous website, so colourful and cheerful. She is a very creative and busy lady.
And when your yarn comes all bundled up in a cute draw string bag – what’s not to like?
check out the Wool Warehouse yourself


Working on a big order of string bags this Patons 100% cotton yarn is bright and strong and very easy to work with. The colours are purple, grape, navy, orchard, delta, candy, chocolate and pomegranate.


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