Sampler Blanket Beginnings

I married and had my family at a fairly young age. My children are now either at uni or in secondary education. My brothers however married in their late thirties and are now bringing up very young children. Another niece or nephew is due in November. When my niece was born two years ago I made gorgeous bunting for her nursery and a cross stitch with her name and birth details.
It’s great to have time to create something unique and special for each unique and special baby. This time round, now I have started to crochet I want to make a really stunning blanket for him/her. I am using Drops Baby Merino is blue, yellow, green, red, white and grey. This wool is beautifully soft and washable. And I’m stitching with a 3.5 mm hook.
Stripes or waves would be easiest but what I really wanted to make was a sampler blanket showing off these lovely bright colours at their very best. Trawling through google images and Pinterest I found what I was looking for in this blog pattern – as we go stripy blanket.
Not Your Average Crochet is a fabulous blog, well set out patterns, super clear photos, friendly, colourful, cute patterns. This girl is a true ambassador for crochet. This isn’t your average crochet, it’s complicated!
So I am taking photos of my sampler blanket as I go.

This shows a new stitch “Catherine wheel”. I don think I got it quite right though! But I’m not ripping back.

The white row is “star stitch”.
Other rows are made up of granny square stitch, half trebles and trebles.
I have 96 stitches in every row. And counting them when I remember to check I don’t lose a few on the way.
I’ve come unstuck this evening with bobble stitch. I will have another go when I am fresh in the morning.
I will keep you updated with progress. At least I have another few months before baby arrives!
pS I should add that the pattern on the blog uses USA crochet terms! though she does have a very helpful translation grid just to keep you right! Eg double crochet in US terms is our treble crochet. Confusing!


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