A gift from/ for Mummy

I should take it as a compliment that when my mother returns from holiday and tells me she has something for me I should not expect a stick of rock or a tacky souvenir, but a crochet pattern photocopied in a yarn shop in County Cork where she was staying!
It’s a shoulder warmer. Yes, I’d never heard of one either. Basically a polo neck or cowl jumper with the main body removed. The pattern is called Warm Shore and I am making it in light beige edged with off white at mother’s request.
Made in Drops Cotton Light yarn, this looks like it could be complicated, but really the pattern is a series of fans made from trebles and chains.
I’m keen however to get the tension right. Already I have dropped from a 5mm hook to a 4.5 and am seriously considering trying a size 4. I’m such a loose hooker 😉
This will be the first actual garment for someone else! Scary! And I want it to look lovely as hopefully she will be showing it off to all her friends. And a little souvenir of her holiday.
PS the model in this photo so reminds me of Katherine Heigl, one of the actors from Grey’s Antatomy – Dr Izzie Stephens!

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