The thrill of finishing

I’ve finished. Well, almost finished. I’ve made five and 3/4 cotton string bags in about two weeks. I plan to sell these at a craft fair. String bags are great because you can store them in your handbag and pull them out with a flourish at the check out as they look so good and hold so much. Not heavier items but great for carrying breads.
These bags start with a tight base(double crochet in the round), smaller spaces (4ch) , then larger holes (6ch) back to smaller spaces (4ch) then a double crochet top and strong double crochet handle.
A 4.5 hook was used.
They took approx 150g Drops Paris cotton yarn. Hard to believe but I followed the same pattern each time, and every bag is a different size!


You will remember my blog post thinking of Christmas Craft Fairs a few weeks ago. These bags are the outcome of that.
The sharp eyed among you will recognise the blue and white bag. This was my first ever bag referred to in a tranquil afternoon and evening blog post. Hard to believe this was only 5 weeks ago and we were in the middle of school holidays. The boys have been back to school for almost two weeks now and vacation time is a very distant memory.
This one is definitely my favourite. Blues and greens work so well together

And the 3/4 bag?
I’ve run out of yarn. Of course this necessitates a trip to the Wool Shop. yay! Just what I need.
More yarn.
More ideas.
More UFOs (unfinished objects)
Don’t we all!


2 thoughts on “The thrill of finishing

  1. So true. Like every knitter or crocheter I wouldn’t say that, too. I’ve thought of counting my WIPs / UFOs, but… no, instead I’ll start a new project. 😉
    Maybe I’ll crochet a string bag – yours look really great!

  2. Let me know if you try a bag. They are great fun and so practical. I’ve actually kept the blue and green one for myself!

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