Matrix Triangles

One of my favourite movie trilogies is the Matrix. We managed to catch the original Matrix while channel hopping last Friday night. To give my brain a challenge aside from the concept of these movies I opened the latest edition of Simply Crochet magazine and crocheted a green cotton triangle. Which may well end up as part of a bunting chain, since every other triangle I have tried turned out really rubbish.
It is a fairly straightforward pattern though I ink the finished sides could be a bit straighter. In fact it looks more like a squashed circle than a triangle.
Cotton yarn is annoying too as it seems to split even easier than dk. This is made using Drops Paris. I’m still hooking away at the string bags too.
We never made it to the end of the movie however. The problem with watching terrestrial TV after mostly using Netflix or iplayer is the constant ad breaks. So annoying.IMG_0002.JPG
It may interest you to know that the definition of matrix is a rectangular array of numbers, symbols or expressions arranged in rows or columns.
Sounds just like crochet to me.



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