Color Running


Those familiar with this humble blog will know that a few months ago I got off the couch and started running. And ran a 10km ladies event in a half decent time.
Well, I’m still running and as a family, to mark the end of summer we ran in the Color Run, a charity 5km event, held worldwide but was in our city on 23rd August.
Runners of all ages, shapes and speeds are encouraged to wear white.

At various stages you run through colour stations getting pelted with coloured powder, I think it is corn flour. It smelt a bit weird and was not nice to inhale, but great fun to get as colourful as you could.

Unfortunately my phone camera stopped working, not sure if it was the dusty air or me running and snapping pics at the same time.

After the race there was a dance party which our young adults loved very much while we stood back and recovered. This was when the dust really started to annoy my contact lenses.
We all had a good laugh, a good run, for a good cause – Save the Children charity.
A happy day for all!

Check out the Color Run to see if it is coming to a city near you.

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