La vie en France

Once again on holidays I omitted to bring enough yarn to last me through the duration.
Still, in the quiet moments when I got peace to sit down, I made a rug which I left there for others to enjoy.

The finished item on my very favourite chair by the fire. Can you spot one of my mini cross stitches in the background on the mantelpiece?

Day one- Aran wool using 5mm hook made up very quickly. So I could watch DVDs without using too much brain power I just used standard granny square stitch.
For those interested we watched- Ocean’s 11, the Tree of Life, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the Impossible, Jurassic Park 3, all of the Back to the Future movies, the Prestige.

20140817-183646-67006356.jpgtomorrow I will head to the yarn shop to hopefully buy more balls which I will complete this rug when I next visit our lovely holiday home in France.
School begins again in 5 days (shocking) so the washing machine is ON and we will be out doing our back to school shopping tomorrow! Looks like summer is coming to an end 😦
One funny thing- we wanted to hang some pictures on the walls and went to the hardware store for picture hooks. I found the nail section clafoutis and searched high and low for picture hooks, finding them at last under the name crochet!
Hooks. Of course! Simple.

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