Thinking of Christmas Craft Fairs

After the success of my string bag I have decided to make some string bags to sell at our annual Christmas Fair in November.
As all you crafters know, you need to be well organised if you are making hand made goods for sale at that time of the year.
I usually start on the Christmas cards once the children return to school.
With a holiday coming up I took the plunge and invested in some lovely cotton yarn, on sale, at the Textile Studio here in Belfast.
As you can see there are some lovely colour combinations. I am planning on an ombré look rather than just plain bags. Shades of pink, purple, blue and green. The yarn is Drops Paris 100% cotton and fully washable.
Maybe with left over threads I can make a MULTI coloured bag as well.
The yarn will be packed in my half of the suitcase.
With the charge for bags nowadays we have had to learn how to pack a micro wardrobe of mix and match clothes for two weeks.
Mind you after surviving 10 days in Italy last summer with ONLY hand luggage I think squeezing a few balls of yarn and a hook should cause no problems.
It will keep me out of mischief in the evenings when we are all sitting around watching DVDs ( my guess is yet another Bourne Identity mega session. Our boys love those movies)



So by the time I return to these greener wetter shores I hope to be well on my way to at least 4 lovely useful string bags for sale later in the year.
Either that or I will have plenty of bags for my excess luggage on the way home!!


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