One Hexagon Born Every Minute

Well, probably every 15 minutes! I am having a big catch up session on one for my very favourite programmes- Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute. How I love to journey with those labouring ladies, their helpless partners and their caring midwives and feel very honoured to share in the birth of those precious babies. Sometimes (nearly always) a wee tear is shed.
Anyway, using the fabulous Attic24 crochet blogging website this week I am labouring away at hexagons to make a second kitchen throw to match the very first crochet rug I ever made only 10 months ago.
Lucy at Attic24 gives very clear instructions and photos of each of her lovely patterns. Her colour schemes are beautiful, but I am sticking to my kitchen colours for this one in Drops Nepal Alpaca yarn – cream, biscuit, cranberry and olive. Or as they call them off white, beige mix, red and light olive. (I gave them their own food based colour names since it is for a kitchen)
Now that I have got used to the pattern I am churning out 4 per episode, about the same ratio as the babies being born in fact.
And thankful for my own healthy brood of boys, and that I don’t need gas and air to produce my hexagons.




Don’t forget to check out Attic24 on the web!


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