A tranquil afternoon (and evening)

Yesterday (Sunday) started very busy but by 4pm a boy had been dispatched to camp for a week, parents, husband, remaining children and small nephew fed and watered, dog walked, ironing done and so I sat down with 3 ball of cotton yarn and a size 5mm hook, and the Doring Kindersley book open at the page “how to crochet a string bag”
Five hours later, with no great effort, I put the last stitch in the handles and I am well pleased with this nautical themed wee bag which I plan to take on holidays as it is light and compact when empty and should hold more than a few baguettes and croissants when we are in France! It could equally be used for swimming gear or carrying items to the beach. The holes differ in size, smaller holes closer to the bottom to avoid things dropping out.

The bag is stitched all in one piece, starting in the centre of the base. I would encourage you to give this a go, it was so simple!

I added the white as I was starting to runout of the lovely plain blue which I had bought to finish the border on my triple treble waves rug which I made and blogged about last week.
The yarn is Lily sugar n’cream light blue and white.
All in all, a very pleasant afternoon and evening’s work.

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