The hottest day of the year (so far)

Yesterday here in chilly,damp and green Ireland we hit record temperatures! It has been wall to wall sunshine for several days, unheard of here! It has been very hard to sleep at night, and we are all struggling to get any work done during the day as there is not a breath of cool air.
Normally this time of summer we are all giving off about the constant rain and grey clouds!
The irony of all this is that due to our quite serious flooding problems the past few winters we have a major construction project at the back of our house involving 3 builders, two diggers and a dump truck, tonnes of gravel and soil and a large sump. Whatever that is. So no peaceful crochet in the garden. In fact it’s been so noisy we have had to keep all the windows closed. Our neighbours must love us (not)
Anyway, my youngest son picked out Sirdar Faroe yarn asking me to make a scarf for his fav older brother (he has three to choose from) for returning to Uni in the autumn.
It’s really chunky wool in lots of lovely colours.
Super chunky in fact.
So here I am, melting in the heat, crocheting a super chunky scarf for winter. Bizarre.
It took a few false starts. Using all trebles I started with 28 chain with a 7mm hook. Too wide.
Ripped back.
21 chain. After about 6 rows I was nearly finished the first ball. Clearly this was going to be the worlds shortest scarf as there were only two balls! Oops.
Ripped back.
120 chain. Ha ha says I. Let’s try longways.
So sitting outside in the warm evening air I used up the two balls very quickly and have made about half a scarf so far. Random wool is my favourite.
I have found the yarn on the website. I’m sure the temperature will have dropped before the yarn drops through the letter box.


Since we have not a blade of grass or plant to model my incomplete scarf, here are some photos digger buckets and wheelbarrows modelling!

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