Celebrity Masterchef Plain Squares

No it’s not a recipe from the series which has just ended with a very worthy winner (no spoilers in case you don’t know) but the last stitch that my mum and I taught ourselves on our recent holiday in Donegal while enjoying the last few episodes of the cooking programme.
Working and learning alongside someone who has crocheted for probably 20 years throws up some interesting issues.
I crochet big and loose, I like big hooks (5 or 5.5) and thick wool and my work is very loopy and airy.
My mum likes to work fine, tight stitches, with fine yarn and her biggest hook would be 3.5.
So as we are learning a new stitch pattern our work can turn out very differently.
Plain squares start just as granny squares but where a granny square looks quite flowery with “petals” plain squares are made up of geometric lines. The shape reminds me of the Maltese Cross. It looks great with colour changes as you work out from the centre. I only had cream and variegated yarn with me so that was what I worked with.
Again we were working from the Doring Kindersley book.
Mum’s squares were all one colour and turned out, not surprisingly, much smaller and tighter than mine. She is planning a baby rug using this stitch, the first new type of square pattern for her in 20 years. All our boys as a babies loved her crocheted rugs, sticking their little fingers through the soft yarn as they slept. The next generation of babies will now have a new design to cuddle.


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