Fifty Shades of Cream

I brought a big bag of yarn to crochet a number of projects on holiday, and learnt an important lesson. Check shades before you go.
I brought a ball of cream yarn and some pastel random yarn for a baby blanket in granny square stitch.
After two nights I used all the cream and went to start the second ball, but although it was from the same shop, it was an entirely different shade of cream. I was really cross with myself as I knew I had at least one other ball the same shade back home (122 miles of winding road away).
The ball I had finished was a buttery warm cream, the other balls I carried with me were much whiter. Grrrr.

Bought at the same time in the same shop.
Anyway, I had other yarns for other projects with me so packed it away.
Now that I am home the matching yarn has been quickly located and to ease the pain of six people’s laundry for one week (yuk) I am flying round and round this blanket and it is turning out very pretty.




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