World Cup Zpagetti Rug


20140711-112647-41207096.jpgCarrying on with the zpagetti cotton I have been busy crocheting a rug for under our computer table which gets very scuffed.
Zpagetti is ideal for this kind of rug, it’s thick and hopefully up for a bit of a bashing from small feet. The hook size is 12mm and the end has had a chewing from the naughty dog. I guess next time I will buy metal rather than wooden hooks to curb his chewing.
The rug is almost done, just in time for the World Cup Final on Sunday. Personally I don’t much care for whoever wins, the rug is made to suit my own personal colour preferences not to show loyalty to any particular team or nation. It has also got very heavy to hold up. I’ve used 4 skeins of zpagetti to complete it at 120m per skein. We’ve sat through some pretty dull matches,and a couple of cracking games. At least I have something nice to show for it!
We’ve also developed a taste for Tesco Finest Hoisin Duck crisps, the perfect accompaniment to football and crochet.
We are heading off for a wee break and I am looking forward to using ordinary yarn again, although progress will look much slower than using this thick stuff.



2 thoughts on “World Cup Zpagetti Rug

    • Thanks! I’m pretty pleased with this project but as always keen to get started on the next one 🙂 have a good weekend!

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