Dainty it ain’t

So thanks to the first episode of Celebrity Masterchef last night we have a fully functioning door stop made of zpagetti cotton.
It’s big, it’s heavy, it does the job.


I made 6 granny squares, three bands each. I joined them together to make a cube, made a strap by double crocheting three rows of 25 stitches and filled it with. ….well, I tried lentils in a bag but didn’t have enough, then I tried the inside of a draught excluder, still too little. Then I scraped off the bugs and weevils from three bricks, which filled it, but was way too heavy. It now has two bricks, but looks a bit sad and saggy and unrefined
I plan to get cheap lentils or rice, reopen it and fill it completely.
I’ve also discovered that this cotton is verrrry stretchy so the handle is waaaay too long when lifting the weight of two bricks.
The zpagetti yarn itself is easy to use, quick to make up on the 12″ hook. The yarn varies in texture and softness, my white skein is the softest and the beige needs a bit of persuading to come off the hook. I did get used to it quite quickly. And it is so thick it makes up very fast which suits me. Before those celebs had sweated through a lunch time sitting I a fancy London restaurant I had the squares completed. Imagine making a door stop in an hour! Today my left thumb is a little sore, I have a touch of arthritis in it due to an ancient skiing injury, but the pain may be due to crochet or perhaps too much piano playing.. Either way, not much housework done yesterday! šŸ˜‰
So I plan to make another door stop from this yarn, smaller hopefully.
And I’ve started the kitchen rug hoping it will lie flat on the floor as my crochet does tend to buckle. I know it’s my tension, I just don’t know how to solve the problem. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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