Zpaghetti Hooks


I’ve finished another couple of baby blankets in granny square pattern so fancied a new challenge.
A Friday evening browse on the Wool Warehouse website has today brought a large box of hoooked zpagetti cotton yarn. This yarn is made from cotton off cuts in garment factories and my plan is to make a rug for the kitchen floor, but I’m starting slightly less ambitious with making a door stop for our patio doors. I’m not sure what I will fill it with to make it heavy enough to hold the door open just yet but the plan is to make 6 squares with a loop handle for moving it when they are joined together as a cube shape.

I’m using my 12″ hook for the first time.
The zpagetti yarn comes in whatever colours are popular for clothes this season, there were a lot of pastel and pale shades. As you can see I tried to get tones to blend with the kitchen – beige, white, red and the only one not quite matching – green.
There are a good few pins and ideas for using this yarn on Pinterest. The spools are huge so hopefully I will get to make a few different things.
I’m excited to try something new and for us, not for all these babies who keep popping out!


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