An Update on UFOs


After my blog post on unfinished items I have made a deliberate and conscious effort to crack on and get projects completed.
A baby blanket with an edge I was never happy about was duly ripped back and redone, and now passed on to a lovely new baby.
A paper cutting project started in January has been completed and awaits a frame.
A load of pastel squares, planned for a picnic rug, made me realise I was never going to complete such a have rug, so they have been joined up and are turning into a nice pram rug for some lucky girl.
I have begun a tidy up of the black hole of the craft room, at least now the door opens fully and I have a clear work table again.
I had been really really good at not buying any new wool but a first birthday discount sale at The Textile Studio put an end to my good resolutions and I have bought some very lovely Drops wool which I have hidden away until other projects are finished, done and completed!
I also had a go at yarn bombing this week, photos of this are on the blog post about the Giro d’Italia. Such fun!

Instead of the usual scallop edging which was originally on this rug, I used one DC, one CH all the way round, with 3 DC at the four corners, I just kept going round and round until I ran out of wool, I think about 4 or 5 rows. We were watching the Summit, a documentary movie on a fateful day on K2, so I was more caught up in the movie than really focussing on the crochet.


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