Anyone who does any kind of crafting – sewing, knitting, cross stitch, card making, crocheting- believes in, and has experienced UFOs.
Un Finished Objects.
Since only starting crochet 8 months ago already there are bags of enthusiastically started rugs, door stops, scarves, mitts along with bright balls of wool and more crochet hooks than I will ever use in this lifetime.
Add that to my craft room/mum-in-law’s bedroom full of boxes and boxes of card making materials, several large Ikea bags in the attic bursting with cross stitch items, more wool, and a box of materials for making bunting “one day” it looks like a craft store went binge drinking and then threw up in parts of this house. It ain’t pretty, it ain’t productive and it needs sorted.
Some projects are just too challenging at the time, or have been set aside in favour of more pressing matters, or simply suffer from being too boring or have lost their urgency. No matter the reason, the average UFO usually can’t stand up to the excitement that accompanies newer projects. It seems easier sometimes to buy supplies for a new project than to finish the old ones. Yet if I can finish some of these projects, and not buy supplies for new ones yet, that will take care of a lot of the clutter in the house that is mine.

I need to re-evaluate my UFO pile and consider the projects from a new perspective.
Is this worth finishing?
Do I need this fabric?
Am I ever going to make this kit?
Am I ever going to have time to unravel this mess of wool (thanks pup!)?
These stamps were free in a magazine? Can I give them away?
In fact – is there a charity or school I can donate fabric/wool/ paper/craft materials to?
Can I seek some of this stuff on eBay or at a car boot sale?

Some ladies in our church get together to knit hats and baby things which are sent to Colombia. A real test for me would be to part with some wool I will never get round to using myself. Better made into a hat warming a cold head than gathering dust in my attic.

I plan to take action- finish what I enjoy, part with what I realistically will never use, and more importantly not make any more purchases or start any new projects until these UFOs stop nagging me. Also avoid the temptations of Pinterest and other craft blogs and getting craft envy at all the lovely things you are making, and finishing!

Hopefully l will breathe easier and feel freer, in this area of my life anyway! I hope don’t feel got at reading this post, it’s really me giving myself a good talking to and working towards my “life laundry”!


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