100 years worth of celebrations in 11 days



Forgive my silence, there has been back to back festivities in our home since mid March . Firstly a sixteenth birthday party ( black and white theme, with piano cake made by yours truly), then Mothers Day (afternoon tea again made by the mother- me- for her mother), my parent’s Golden Wedding anniversary – an amazing 50 years- (dinner for 14 made by…you guessed it!) and this week my dearest beloved husband celebrates his half century. Yes he was born 11 days after my parents were married. It’s been full on and not much crocheting or anything else has been accomplished.
So as I made them a cross stitch sampler for their anniversary, I thought I would share the samplers I have made for them celebrating their 30th (Pearl), 40th (Ruby) and 50th (Golden).
I laughed to myself as I realised how the size of the sampler has drastically decreased in twenty years…more kids, less time, older and weaker eyesight too!
The 30th sampler takes it’s words from the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible- there is a time for everything. It took months to sew, and I only had one small baby when I made that one.
The 40th sampler came from the Historical Sampler company who have their own website and are also sold on the Sewandsew website. I have bought many of their traditional samplers for babies and weddings too.
The 50th anniversary sampler came from eBay from nellyknowitall. It included pieces of velvet ribbon, gold beads and heart buttons, and broiderie anglicise to be stitched in. It was great as it didn’t take very long to make up, I think about a week of hard grafting!
My parents are always delighted to receive these very personal gifts and they hang in pride of place.
It’s been busy, but great fun, getting together as a family to celebrate these milestones together and making memories as we relive old memories too.

There is a time and a season for everything.
I’m sure when the fuss dies down as the golden balloons deflate the crochet hook will be taken up once more.





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