Finding the Perfect Heart

Leading up to St Valentines Day I really wanted to have a go at making a string of little hearts. Surely a heart shape would be reasonable easy to crochet.
So once more I returned to my 500 Crochet Squares pattern book and got hooking. Here is the result
If this was a real heart I would be in need of a cardiologist.
There was a second heart pattern in the book, so I had a go at that.

I think making it in pink yarn helped this time, but the shape is still a little off beat. No pun intended.
Then I turned to that wonderful resource, Google and came up with a pattern that turned out like this

This heart looks like it is ready to burst. A few triples too many perhaps.
Finally though, I cracked it.

Tiny little heart. So cute. But I ran out of time so for this year my Valentines bunting is one heart only. The great thing about this though is it did take only a couple of minutes to make so in an evening you -yes you- could make a long chain of hearts for that special occasion.

Happy Valentines Day!
Here are the pattern links-
the pattern source for the third heart
the perfect tiny heart

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