Stripy Mitts and Rainbow Buttons


I spotted this pattern for mitts on Ravelry before I had even learnt to crochet. These are just my thing. Especially the buttons. I adore buttons.
So when the Textile Studio posted their new delivery of yarn on Facebook last week I just knew that the moment had come to give the mitts a try.
The yarn is Italian, Knitcol trends from Adriafil, and these are in shade 59, which is rainbow pastel colours. I could have taken any of the shades, they are all gorgeous.



I added a frill around the bottom to match the top. A couple of years ago I knitted socks. They were a real challenge. These mitts were very very easy, and really quick to make. It took two evenings. There isn’t even any sewing up to do, except for adding the buttons. I have so many odd shaped buttons in all sorts of colours, choosing which ones to use was the hardest part.
The only problem is even using a 3.5 hook they are way too loose and I will definitely have to make up the left mitt again. But I am looking forward to it!
I bought three balls so I am planning to make a matching scarf when I get a moment.


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