Sparkling Improvisation


It has become a real trend to wear “Christmas” jumpers during the Festive season. My boys go for the Nordic look rather than the tacky styles. Thankfully. This past Christmas I spotted a pale grey long sweater in Tesco ( no expense spared in the pursuit of high fashion). It was a lovely shape and best of all the yarn was threaded through with tiny silver sequins. It sparkled! After some searching I purchased Nordic patterned leggings – shades of grey with snowflakes, reindeer and penguins . I realise these sound like they were designed for a five year old but the pattern was quite discreet, in fact I don’t think anyone was impolite enough to mention them.
Anyway. I decided I needed a sparkly scarf to finish the look. I bought a ball of shaded grey wool with iridescent sequins and started chaining.
The yarn is King Cole Galaxy and the shade is Mars. It is very soft, nice to work with and the sequins don’t get in your way while you are handling it.
I chained 30, then looped back, rejoining the chain at 5 chain intervals. At the end of the chain I chained an extra 5 then looped back to start another row. I just kept on going in this completely improvised manner until I ran out of wool. Fortunately this was at a point when the scarf could be wrapped twice around my neck. Joining it up to make an infinity scarf was harder and I didn’t get it right. But the wool is very forgiving and i wore it straight away. I’m still wearing it with the extra wool I left for when I got an opportunity to redo the join discreetly threaded through. I really must fix it sometime!
I have now made an identical scarf in black sequined wool from Pounstretcher at £2.50 for 100g. I used three balls but it is actually too long and the wool is coarser. But I joined it up better this time simply by chaining back into the very first row. Why I didn’t think of that the first time I don’t know.
I’m really pleased with myself for tackling this with no pattern. My first crocheted items that aren’t made up of squares. In the past I would have spent about a week knitting a scarf. Instead it took about 2 hours.




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