Glee and a glimpse of Springtime


The yellow baby rug I started last week is now finished. Two balls of Wonder Yarn were used. It isn’t the biggest rug but would be good for a car seat or in the buggy. In these dark and stormy winter says it is like a ray of sunshine. I am a little disappointed with the shading. I don’t think the contrasting bands are very, well, contrasting. Also the pink flecks mean this blanket is only appropriate for a girl. But if I had daughters I would only want pink based things rather than yellow with a hint of pink. I say this with the experience of having 4 sons and not a whiff of pink anywhere. Lots of blues, yellows and mint green since two of my boys have fabulous ginger hair and the mint green looked sensational when they were babies! Now aged 20 and 19 mint green is off however!!
A word about hook size. This is the first time I have used size 4. Usually I’ve employed size 5 or 5.5. I had no trouble with a finer hook, I must be getting better though I feel I still crochet very loosely. I also knit really loosely as well. I knitted a clown doll for my nephew that should have been 30cm it ended up bigger than him. He loved it.
For a Christmas gift one of my lovely boys bought me a roll of hooks from the finest size 2.0 (looks like a toothpick) to 12. I hope over time to work with all of these! They are all bamboo. Up to now my hooks have been metal. The cashier in Lidls gave me two plastic hooks for free recently when I was in buying felting wool. Yes, that is another project in the development stage.
Pinterest has a lot to answer for.
As has Netflix. While making this baby rug I have discovered Glee. There are four seasons to watch. That’s a lot of crochet time 🙂


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